Indexing – The Contemporary Method For Efficient Document Management


Every business, no matter what size, has a need to keep meticulous records. Many companies have one or more administrative employees whose chief function is to manage company records – often, in an archaic and unwieldy system. Indexing, however, is the contemporary method for efficient document management.

The top of every company’s priority list is something ironically called “the bottom line.” In other words, getting the most productivity from their staff and other resources without blowing the budget. Thousands of hours are literally eaten up with filing and then trying to locate specific information at a later date because the system used for document management is so inefficient or outdated.

One of the chief reasons companies still suffer with inefficient filing systems is that every employee is different. People have their own thoughts about what filing should be, and their own way of managing their files. So you have a variety of different methods all intertwined within one company. Some statistics say that about 7 percent of all documents are lost or misplaced and have to be reproduced. There has to be a better way to organize your filing cabinets into a uniform, logical style that is standardized throughout your business, regardless of the size company you have!

Indexing documents is the most efficient way to increase productivity of everyone within your organization and improve the health of your “bottom line.” Some estimates state that about 150 hours of employee time per year are wasted trying to locate missing files or documents. And even more to recreate the necessary information! At $20 an hour on average – because all levels of employees are involved in this process – that can easily add up to $3,000 per year or more, that you can save simply by using a document management software to manage your files.

So you’re probably wondering, “How does an indexing document management system work?”

It’s quite simple really. You install a simple software solution on your computer. You allow employees the access they require, according to your own policies, to use the software. You decide on the keywords you’ll use to file your documents and information. Company name, common subjects, or other descriptions. Whatever works for you. Use as many keywords as you like. Each employee that has access to the software can also add keywords that they relate to each document.

Now, every single file, anywhere within your entire company, will be labeled using the exact same system with file names and keywords. Wasted time is eliminated as employees locate needed information more quickly. And no more duplication of files! From the day you implement this brilliant, time saving system, every document relating to any project you have will be placed in the same location for easy retrieval.

It’s common knowledge that every document that comes into your office has to be managed in one of three ways. It can be dealt with immediately and then filed. It can be placed in someone’s inbox for future action. Or it can be tossed in file 13. The joy of indexing is that your filing cabinet now becomes your action file as well. You can create a file just for items that need action and place them there without forgetting where you put them, or failing to take action because you “forgot” about them. Then when you’re finished, you can move the file to an archive location or a more permanent file and leave an uncluttered desk ready for more important work.

Once your projects are complete and files are no longer needed on a daily or weekly basis, they can easily be moved to storage elsewhere, and one click of the mouse will tell you where they’re located now, in case something needs to be retrieved down the road. All your document management is done by indexing your files on the computer using software that anyone can learn to use almost immediately – even the computer-challenged managers who usually leave most of the computer work to their assistants because they’re “too busy.” No more worrying about not finding a file because someone is out sick! A document management system alleviates that problem as well.

In today’s contemporary society with constant Internet usage, video conferencing and urgent meetings are often called with little or no warning. Having an indexed document management system is ideal because you can quickly and easily “lay your hands on” every document in the office you may need for an impromptu meeting or conference call. You’ll no longer be forced to make major decisions without having all the relevant information you need at hand.

Document indexing truly is the most contemporary method to efficient document management for your company. It will not only save your business time and money, but it will make for much happier employees who will spend so much less time handling files and documents in the office.


Source by Janet Baker